Radio Dead Air

The Next Iteration

December 7th, 2009

For almost ten years, I’ve been broadcasting Radio Dead Air every Monday night at 9pm Eastern, come rain or shine. The number of shows I’ve missed have been miniscule; RDA has been my Monday night, no matter what. Every job I’ve had has been scheduled around it, my private life is scheduled around it. Nothing interferes. It’s my hobby, my joy, my talent, and my passion. I love bringing you people music you may not have ever heard before, and funny shit from all corners of the int4rw3bs, and news, and all the content from my wonderful correspondants. I’ve adored having you folks as my audience.

And as of tomorrow, that’s all over.

Tomorrow night, we begin the next era of Radio Dead Air. From this point on, in addition to broadcasting from Live365′s web site, I’ll also be doing a live video feed over at UStream. And no, it won’t just be me on my webcam; we’ll have videos from around the web, and music videos, and funny videos. We’ll have brand new stuff in a brand new way, and it’ll evolve just like the radio broadcast evolved.

But we’ll still be doing music; at its core, that’s what Radio Dead Air is all about. I’ll still be right here, taking your requests, playing the music you want to share. We’ll still have the chat room in the same place, and the web site’s not going anywhere. We’re just changing with the times. It should have been abundantly clear to everyone by now that an audio only broadcast just isn’t feasible on the web anymore; video is so simple that literally anyone can do it. Hence, where we’ve arrived.

This will be a good thing, I promise you. From now on, we won’t just be covering Dragon*Con and the Cam Conventions with a microphone; we’ll have a video camera in hand to get everything on tape. It’s really going to be a whole new era for RDA . . . and yes, even though we’re changing, the name will be the same. Through make believe and reality, through a full decade, through fair weather and foul, we’ve been Radio Dead Air. At its heart, RDA is about music. That’s never going to change.

So tune in tomorrow when things get freaking weird up in this motherfucker.

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