Radio Dead Air

Aaaaand it keeps getting weirder and weirder.

I’m not going to recap any of it. Little things are being made huge, and honestly there’s nothing “big” to talk about that’s relevant to anything or anyone. Paternity? Where he’s being buried? Joe Jackson? Lou Ferigno? (Yeah, don’t ask.)

But I’m being proven sadly correct on this account. This nonsense isn’t going anywhere for a while, that’s for sure. It’s really different than in the days when Elvis or John Lennon died; used to be they’d sell ads for the paper or the evening news, and that was it. You read the story once, you watched Kronkite sum it all up for you at the end of the day, bang, over.

Now thanks to internet ads, these people get paid based on how often you look at their web page. Doesn’t matter if any relevant or important news is actually being reported . . . the point is to get eyes on screens, period. So anything, any little thing whatsoever attached to the name “Michael Jackson” is going to be put up on their sites the very instant they can scribe it.

Take quick notice of two things here. One, no links to these stories. I’m not going to help drive up anybody’s ad revenue, even if any traffic I sent their way would be minuscule. Two, no ads here on my LJ. So maybe I can divert some of those funds to absolutely nowhere just by having his name on this post . . . that’s right, kids. A web post where nobody profits.

Suck on it, you ghoulish motherfuckers.

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