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Radio Dead Air: The FAQ

November 30th, 2011

This is probably long overdue:

The Official Radio Dead Air FAQ:

1) How do I request a song?
2) Why haven’t you played my request yet?
3) Why are people yelling at me about colors?
4) Why are people yelling at me about saying (insert slur here)?
5) Why isn’t my stream working?
6) When is Live WTFIWWY?
7) What’s that thing you’re smoking?
8) Can I make requests for the Inivisibles?
9) Why does this song suck?

How do I request a song?

Send me a private message on the IRC chat. Please note we don’t use Justin.TV’s chat system; we use the Darkmyst IRC network. The show page (http:/ has a built-in Java IRC client, but you’re also welcome to use your own, like Mibbit or MIRC. The channel is #radiodeadair
Double click on my name, and send me the request. Preferably, do it in a single line, in the following format:

“Artist – Song, Link (if applicable)”

This makes it easier for me to keep track of the list of songs.

Why haven’t you played my request yet?

There are probably a couple of reasons.

First, the SoundExchange license I operate under requires there to be at least a one hour lag time between when I get a request and when it gets played, to prevent a stream from being a “virtual jukebox.” I know this is silly, but this helps keep the stream legal so I do my best to comply.

Next, I get upwards of a hundred requests a night, and the show only runs for five hours. Not everyone’s requests are going to get played. It happens. Whining, complaining, and making comments to the effect that your request hasn’t played yet doesn’t help this; in fact, it adds to my stress during a broadcast. I’m entirely a one man operation on the technical side. I do all of this myself. I’m juggling a lot behind the scenes. Not every request is going to get played. It’s nothing personal.

Last, there’s a chance that I either can’t find your request, or it’s inappropriate for the stream. There’s really no way around that.

Why are people yelling at me about colors?

If you’re on the IRC chat, we reserve the use of colored text for the channel operators. This allows them to get people’s attention if need be, to issue announcements or warnings. Please don’t use colored text in the chat, as it makes their job more difficult and it’s distracting. I know the text goes by very fast, but using colored text to insist that others pay attention to what you’ve written comes off as annoying and obnoxious. It’s for the Ops use only. Don’t do it.

Why are people yelling at me about saying (insert slur here)?

Because this is not 4chan. The show does use adult language and we have some pretty risqué topics from time to time, but outright abuse is a non-starter. Slamming someone for their sex, race, or religion makes people not want to be there, and that’s unacceptable. If you say the sort of horrible words that could end a celebrity’s career (google Michael Richards for an example), you will be kicked, and potentially banned. The ops will use their best judgment on this. Be decent, is what I’m saying.

Why isn’t my stream working?

I honestly don’t know.

It could be any number of reasons: your local service, your browser, your flash updates, your system updates, your cookies, your operating system . . . take your pick. I don’t know, and I can’t stop in the middle of running the show to help you with troubleshooting. I’m on the backend; JustinTV is the front end. If you’re having trouble viewing a stream, you should go to them for technical support.

If the stream isn’t working for everyone, I promise you will know. But if no one has mentioned it and the show seems to be progressing as normal for everyone else, it’s likely a problem on your end. I advise you to make sure your Flash plug-in is up to date, and if need be try launching the show in a different browser, like Chrome or Firefox or IE depending which your system uses as a default.

Also, “lagging” is not “lagging.” That’s not the correct term, and it’s confusing because it means something entirely different than what you think it does. This makes me concerned there is a problem with the video and audio sync. It’s like saying “your grape is leaking” when you mean “your house is on fire.” It’s not helpful.

What you’re talking about is a disruption of the stream causing it to pause and rebuffer. And I’m sad to report there’s nothing I can do about that; that’s an issue between your computer and its connection to Justin.TV’s servers. It’s completely out of my hands. If there’s a genuine problem with the show’s throughput, I promise you I would see it from my end. The data stream would fluctuate and/or cease entirely. Again, your best option is to contact Justin.TV’s technical support.

Incidentally, this kind of applies to all streams you view, be it on JTV, TwitchTV, Ustream, Livestream, what have you. Sorry.

When is the live WTFIWWY?

Usually we begin around 11:30pm Eastern each week, plus or minus five to ten minutes. Unless something has radically gone wrong, it never changes. If you ask this question in the channel, people may respond with “take a shot.” Congratulations, you have become part of the drinking game.

While we’re on the subject, I’d invite you not leave en masse when the segment is over. There’s still two more hours of show-time afterward. Stick around.

What’s that thing you’re smoking?

It’s an e-cigarette. It uses water, propalyne glycol, candy flavoring and nicotine to simulate smoking. It’s kept me off of real cigarettes for over two years now, and I personally enjoy using it. It’s not for everyone, but it’s for me.

It’s not drugs. Sorry.

Can I make a request for the Invisibles?

No. The first hour of the show is kind of “me time.” I try to share songs that I find to be underplayed, overlooked or underappreciated to share with the audience. So while I appreciate the offers, the Invisibles is a little bit of a personal segment and I keep it to myself.

Why does this song suck?

Because taste is subjective. There are even requests that I don’t enjoy myself, a lot of the time (and just as many that completely baffle me). But like with every source of entertainment, it’s not personally designed for the individual. I try to do a variety of things. You won’t like all of them.

Taking the time to pointedly scream that you hate the song or comedy bit or whatever that’s playing is flat out rude. Informing the channel that you will be muting your stream is just as bad. If you don’t like what’s playing, then by all means turn down your speakers . . . but don’t try to make someone else feel bad because you dislike their choices. You’re adding stress, you’re making the environment hostile, you’re making what I do less fun and (most important and relevant to you personally) the Ops will kick you for it.

So yelling “MUTING!” or “EEEEENNND!” or “God, this fucking sucks” or any variant thereof or inbetween will be unpleasant for us, and you. Please refrain, ‘kay?

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