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Pink Shirted Death

December 12th, 2010

As some of the regular audience is well aware, I’m on my way to MAGfest 9 in a little over a month. Me and about thirty folks from TGWTG will be in Arlington, VA more or less making complete fools of ourselves (as per normal). I’ve got at least one crossover vid planned, one I need to make solid, and whatever cameos pop up . . . in short, I’m gonna come home with some really cool, really fun vids for all of you guys.

However, Radio Dead Air is not exactly cheap on the pocketbook. I usually spend in the neighborhood of $100 each month on royalties, site hosting and bandwidth costs . . . and yes, that’s above and beyond my normal internet service. Yes, I know I need ads on this thing; part of why I’m going to MAGfest will be talking to some folks about that very subject, not to mention website revamp and even making it a little less cumbersome to tune in each week. In the meanwhile, the bills is the bills.

To cover gas, lodging and food, we’re going to need about $300. The good news is, thanks to my very generous audience, we’re $205 of the way there already. How did I convince folks to donate? By humiliating myself, of course! If we reach the goal of $300 before December 31st, I have pledged to do an entire night of RDA in a pink shirt (and there has been talk of *shudder* sequins). Also, I will do the show with a stuffed hippo. (I really don’t understand you guys. Seriously.)

On the more practical side of things, every person who chips in will have their names added to the credits of the special video I’m doing at MAGfest (maybe even links added, if folks are so inclined). Anything we manage to collect above the $300 mark will go back into monthly operating costs for the show. It’s not something you have to do; RDA has always been and will always be a labor of love. But it does help to keep the lights on. We’re like public radio . . . except we say “fuck” a lot more.

We only need $95 to reach the goal. And a pink shirt.

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