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Decided I should keep things topical and put out some music recommendations. Expect to hear these on RDA, particularly on the Monday Night Edition. I like throwing out the new stuff personally.

First up, The New Pornographers are back with a brand new album, The Twin Cinema. Excellent high-charged garage rock from a whole bunch of talented people. Follow the link to download the title track. (Speaking of The New Pornographers, Neko Case is back with a live album, The Tigers Have Spoken, and she’s in the studio now working on a follow-up. Sue me, I love the woman’s voice.)

Next we have Von Iva. Their self-titled first release just came out a few months ago. The Go-Go’s they’re not; very nice rock and roll sound with a modern touch. A little Gary Newman, a little Cars, and a good dose of growl. Highly recommended.

The Music is back with Welcome to the North, and it’s got a good heavy grind to it. Very sweet rock and roll through and through; I really like the track “Freedom Fighters.”

Lastly, if you aren’t sick to death of me plugging them on RDA, Sahara Hotnights. These four girls rock the free world, no doubt, no contest. Garage with some immaculate hooks. Have a listen to their 2004 release Kiss and Tell on the website. They make me happy in the brain.

There you are. Oh, and while we’re waiting for Pam to get the new link on the page: Dragon*Con! Go lookie!

Now, I have to go do laundry. Even us incredible people have to contend with the mundane, now and then . . .

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