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RDA now broadcasts in MP3Pro. What does this mean? It means double the quality at the same bitrate as before. It sounds phenominal, like an FM quality radio broadcast. So how do you take advantage of it?

The easy way is, be a preferred member. You can (or rather, “should be able to”) use Player365 or download their Radio365 from here. While it also gives you ad-free listening, it costs a monthly fee.

The slightly more complex but not real hard version:

Go to WinAmp’s download site. Download any of the three versions available . . . any of them will work. Get the “Lite” version if you’re on dial-up, it’s a little less than a meg, which is only about a 15 min download. Install it. During the install, if it asks to be made the default player for MP3′s or audio, say yes. WinAmp will open when the installation completes, but once it does, close it.

Next, go to the MP3Pro download site. Download and install the WinAmp plugin. Yes, I know it says it only works with WinAmp 2, but WinAmp 5 supports WinAmp 2 plugins. Trust me, I’ve tested it. It works.

Finally, visit Live365. Go to the “Listen” tab along the top of the page. Next, click where it says “Listen Settings” below the “Listen” tab. Go to where it says “MP3 Player” and choose “MP3 Player” as your player to listen to Live365 stations. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Save Settings.”

That’s it. You’re done. Go listen to RDA right now to see the difference and test it out.

Note: If you start the stream and Internet Explorer asks you to download a playlist (a file like “play.pls” or some such), choose “Open” instead of “Save As.” This will open WinAmp. If there is no “Save As” option, proceed to the next step.

Note: If you start the stream and another program other than WinAmp opens (such as Windows Media Player or iTunes), do the following:

Open WinAmp
Hit “Ctrl-P”
Go to “General Preferences: File Types”
Under “Associated File Types,” click the “Audio Only” button.
Close the Preferences window.
Start the radio stream again.

And one last thing: If the broadcast suddenly “stops” repeatedly for no reason, close the player window and just leave WinAmp open.

By the way, this works with all of the shows Live365 offers in MP3Pro.

I’m a genius.

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