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Car on Fire

August 29th, 2008

Well, here we are at Dragon*Con! Things are off to a good start; already we’ve confirmed speaking with Red Dwarf’s Robert Llewellyn, the folks behind The Venture Bros, Jennie Breeden from The Devil’s Panties and Pete Abrams of Sluggy. Forgive the lack of links for the moment as I’m PDA blogging, but they’ll be forthcoming.

We’re also on track for the live show tomorrow at 9pm, so keep an eye out here for more info.

Quick moment of zen: as we were driving in from Savannah, we noticed that about a ten mile stretch of 75 had no oncoming traffic. The reason for this was quickly discovered to be a subcompact in the middle of the highway, merrily ON FIRE.

So whatever happens this weekend, however stressful it gets, my car is not on fire.

Stay tuned for updates!

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