Radio Dead Air

April 10th, 2006


RDA is available without a prescription, but consult your doctor to see if RDA is right for you. RDA has been known to induce nausea, headache, irritation, burning, walleye, baldness, impotence, welts, Legionarre’s Disease, loss of motor skills, impaired judgement, cauliflower ear, vomiting, existential dillemnas, hallucinations, necrosis of the genetalia, cooties, midgets, and mild itching. Do not taunt RDA. RDA can be mixed with requests, idiots, music, and various and sundry nonsense.

Let RDA change your life today!

Radio Dead Air – Use As Directed

We’re on the Darkmyst IRC network in #radiodeadair

I’m on both AIM and Yahoo as nash076 if you’d like to send requests that way.

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