Radio Dead Air

November 25th, 2005

A reminder:

Jennie Breeden from The Devil’s Panties will be joining us tonight for a special edition of RDA at 9pm Eastern.

For those of you who are going to be listening for the first time and would like to participate in the live chat we’ll be having, visit DarkMyst and have a look at their site. You can download and IRC client like mIRC, or if you’d rather not download anything, you can use their Java client. The name of the channel is #radiodeadair but if you use the Java client, you don’t need to include the “#” in the name.

Also for first time listeners: you’ll need to register with Live365 in order to listen, but it’s free to do so. There are instructions here on our web site to allow you to set up enhanced listening through WinAmp that’ll let you listen to the show in near-CD quality, or for those who just want it short and simple, you can download the trial version of Radio365; that’ll give you 35 hours of enhanced listening time for free.

If you’re on dial-up, send me a private message when you get on IRC (or via Yahoo or AIM; I’m on there as nash076), and we’ll get you set up with the low-bandwidth stream so you’ll still be able to listen.

We do play requests, however we have to abide Live365′s rules on such, so have patience when you make them. I’ll have mierandra here tonight giving me a hand; what you’ll need to do is to send her a private message with your request and we’ll get it on. And I need to have the name of the song and the artist who sings it; I can’t find a song based on, “Do you know the one that goes ‘blah blah blah?’” Also, I’m a bit of a snob; please try to refrain from R&B, rap, country, or Metallica requests. They make the baby Jesus cry.

Finally, let me say we hope you enjoy it, and maybe we can get a few of you hooked into being full-time listeners . . . and if nothing else, Jennie’s cool. :)


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