Radio Dead Air

July 28th, 2008

So here we are again.

Every year I get to this point, it gets a little harder to believe. This year I didn’t even really notice the date creeping up on me, and then suddenly here it is. It didn’t really register. Old age is setting in, I fear.

I always remember the first show when I get to this point, down in Tampa, Florida. Somehow we went from me with a cheap plastic mic that came with my computer and a dial-up connection that barely worked to a mic on a swing stand, dynamic condensor, sound board, and you-are-there quality. And so much has changed from the day I began . . . some good, some not so good. But I’m still here.

I’m happy to announce we reached our fundraising goal; thanks to all of you, RDA gets a little breath of relief until this time next year. And we’ve got so much in store: Dragon-Con and all those interviews are on the horizon, there’s new Crosswire in the works, and those of you who contributed thirty dollars or more will get your turn at steering the ship for a night. If you sent a donation and haven’t heard from me, please get in touch so we can start working how which night we can set you up and let you loose; that’s my project for this week. Thanks to the magic of voice-over-IP, you’ll be able to run RDA right from the comfort of your own living room! God help us . . .

So in a few hours, we’ll have tonight’s edition of RDA; new Crosswire, your requests, the weekly “WTF Is Wrong With You?!” and all the rest. Tune in tonight and help me celebrate the end of year eight, and the beginning of year nine.

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