Radio Dead Air

July 21st, 2005

Aloha, geeks!

Work’s moving forward on next month’s on-site show from Dragon*Con. If you haven’t gone to the site yet, GO LOOK. I want you to either A) be there to enjoy the event with us, or B) listen at home while we’re there. Also, go visit the RDA message boards; if there’s questions you have for one of the guests at the event, put it in the Dragon*Con forum and we’ll make every effort to pass it on.

No word back yet from Big Finish, but until I get a definitive yes or no, I’ll keep trying. I’d love to get the Doctor Who audio dramas on the air if possible, and if that works out, I’ll set up a weekly show for it as well. I’ll try a middle-of-the-night phone call across the pond tonight to see if I can get somebody’s attention.

Might re-work the T-shirts . . . I dearly wanted black, but if need be, gray should work. I’ll talk to pamc about it.

And speaking of our illustrious webmistress, take a moment here or in her LJ to thank her for all the work she’s done for us (free of charge, no less). The web site really has been her baby, and even though I’d added a suggestion here or there, she’s been the one who’s done the bulk of the work and the ideas. I’m just your monkeyboy, kids. She’s doing all the hard work. So be nice and say “thank you.”

And for now, that’ll do it!

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