Radio Dead Air

September 1st, 2006

Updates from DragonCon 2006:

Well, we’ve landed, kids. We’ve hit the ground running . . . Team 1, consisting of myself and Gillian, and Team A, consisting of Glas and his photo person. So far we’re doing our best to schedule interviews based around a very packed convention schedule. Stress!

Today I’ll be talking to the folks at Red Vs. Blue and Dean Haglund from The X-Files. Tomorrow morning, SG-1‘s Cliff Simon will be speaking to us, then we’ll chat with Jennie Breeden of The Devil’s Panties. With any luck we’ll try to get a few minutes with the built team from the Mythbusters tomorrow, too! Sunday and Monday we’ll get more news on other interviews to come.

Live broadcast? Tonight unfortunately will be a bust . . . too much to do and too little time to squeeze it all in. Tomorrow’s a lot more likely, 8pm Eastern live from the Hyatt bar, right in the thick of things.

I’m a very stressed and tired Nash, folks, but hopefully we’ll pull this all together before the end of the con. Stay tuned!

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